Thursday, November 29, 2012

Signing Off

It's time! 

For a new blog. 

See you there!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


If you'll recall with me... the last sentence of my last post (over a month ago...) was "school starts tomorrow, let the chaos begin." and oh, has it begun.

Here's our schedules.

Monday: work until 5, get home and try to get stuff done, trace comes over at 7 after class. Try to feed him, fhe, do all of my homework due tuesday. (i could do it during the weekend.... but let's be real... procrastikate)

Tuesday: leave from work straight to school, class until 9:30, meet at Trace's, we get done about the same time with school, try to find some dinner, usually go to burger king, watch TV, do our stats assignment due @ 11 tuesday nights

Wednesday: usually I have the day off! I schedule it for all my homework then end up sleeping in, going for a brief run, getting pretty, cleaning my room, and then i feel lazy so doing homework is difficult. Make or buy Trace some lunch for when he gets home from work at 2, do some homework before we leave for school at 4. class until 7:30 for me, 9:30 for Trace. I stay and do homework (or blog). We go get a late dinner and do our homework due Thursday. Usually at my house, depends.

Thursday: leave from work straight to school, class until 7:30, Trace is done at 9:30 so I spend that time cleaning my room which has somehow gotten messy again, go for a run, or just sit with my family. I usually head up to his house so I can be there when he gets home so I can find something for him to eat. We are usually pretty burned out by Thursday nights... which means redbox usually. (after our stats assignment due @ 11)

Friday: I usually work until about 12:30 and he works till 1:30. So we usually get to have lunch together then do more homework. Then we alternate planning date night. This weekend is mine, we are going to a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit.

Saturday: usually family time. up for debate.

Sunday: family time!

Okay. so I spend a lot of time with Trace... but guess what. I think that means I like him a lot. And good news, he likes me too. He is the type of person that would tell me if he didn't want to hang out. He was with some friends on Saturday and texted me "is it bad that I don't want to hang out with anyone but you?" haha he's just too cute. gross. sappy. anyway! I love being with someone that I can say anything to. I love being with someone I don't have to say anything to. We pray together every night. We read our scriptures almost every night. :) He is my perfect match. He keeps me going and makes me want to work harder. He calms me down, and makes my life better. I've never been happier.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Wellp. He has almost been home a week. We still keep laughing because we feel like he never left.
But he definitely left. The little things that are so different prove it. I never have to open my own car door. He is always on time. He is asking me what the plan is instead of complaining because I made a plan. And we read scriptures and say our prayers. Every day. Together.
We have spent a lot of time together in the last week. But I see no problem with that. We are trying to spend equal time at each of our homes. But it's hard when mine doesn't have a kitchen.
On Friday, I gave him his birthday present. We are going to Denver to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers [and his grandparents]. But We are so excited. He told me yesterday that he had just accepted the fact that he would never see them in concert. He is convinced this will be the best concert he has ever been to. I'm thrilled.
Then we spent the afternoon putting a cheap stereo in his lovely high school car. His brother went two years without one. I was sort of sad because we used to have such great talks because there was no radio. But I'm over it. We still talk.
We went to like eight stores to get the right stuff... His cousin thought we were cute in our colors pants so he took a picture.
Oh yeah! My best friends got married to each other! That was Friday as well. They were one of the first Sealings which was nice. Everything was amazing.
Trace was a gem and came to the reception with me. We actually went to my childhood best friend's reception as well. He was such a champ about me dragging him around and showing him off. Then he would hold my bridesmaid bouquet while I had to attend to bridesmaid duties. He wasn't even embarrassed when I climbed out of the pool... Fully clothed. With the rest of the bridal party. He is a keeper.
He is getting his guitar skill back. It's amazing.
His sister and mom and I took him shopping and got him some cute clothes. He finally agrees to wear clothes that fit. Thank you mission.
His homecoming was so great. His talk was amazing. And I loved catching up with his family and neighbors. The thing I missed most over the last two years was spending Sundays with this kid.
He helped my dad and Tyson tear down the kitchen. He's such a good boy.
And we started a colored pants club.
School starts Monday. Let the chaos begin.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Seven hundred and thirty days. That's how many I went without seeing him.
And it feels like he never left.

I have no other words.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Tracer used to use a really funny voice to sing TONIIIIGHT TONIGHT I'LL SEE MY LOVE TONIGHT! From west side story.

I can picture it perfectly.

So... Yeah. I slept more than I thought I would. I took my CTR ring off in my sleep which is super weird cuz I never take it off. Nervous ticks in my sleep? It's fine.

Pray for me. And him. Mostly him.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Dear Readers. 

There is nothing I can say that will convince you that I have no expectations. I wish somehow you could read my mind and look into my heart to see that I'm prepared for the worst. I'm hoping for the best. I'm a positive person, therefore I'm not going to go around telling people that it probably won't work out. 

I know how I need to behave. 


This is not going to be a fairytale right off the bat. I'm prepared for that. But, I think that this will be a great experience for me. Sure there's been hype about it for what... two years? give or take? And sure, it would be easier if no one else was aware of what was happening. 


I will not do anything because someone expects it. I will behave how I feel like I need to behave. I will be as mature as I can be. I will be as in tune with the spirit as I can be. 

Please support me in this. And stop asking me when I'm getting married. I will punch you. 


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Livin it up.

So I had a small anxiety attack. Okay a large one. I called Lexi to talk it out and she told me to just stop running and talk to her... I wasn't running. I was driving. I think I was just at my nerves end. I have been so high strung about t coming home, not really in a bad way. But I just wasn't even having fun. Just felt like I needed to always be reading my scriptures and always be preparing. But hey guess what. He isnt gonna want to listen to only church music in the car. His idea of fun might include something other than only going to the temple. There is a happy medium that must be found.

I only have 12 days left. So I'm gonna have as much fun as I want.

We went downtown for Lexi's bachelorette party. Cyndi Mel and I wanted to try something new so we walked till we found somewhere we could eat. I had a caprese panini and it was so yummy! Very proud of myself.

We had a great time with all the girls. Did lots of shopping and chatting.

My friends and I watched a movie in cyndis backyard. So fun.

Disney day was a success. I'm only a few votes ahead. I need as many as possible! See my Facebook for the link :)

This kid had a birthday

And to celebrate, I ran six miles.

Emily had a 20's speakeasy mocktail themed bachelorette party and it was the bees knees. Then Kelly and I slept at aunt Karen's so we could get some extra sleep and save some gas.

In the morning we went over for breakfast and helped watch the nieces and nephew. Then we had to leave her brother all alone with them while we got ready then we came back while he got ready. We were a great team.

Then we watched mr and mrs barker come out of the beautiful bountiful temple and took pictures!

We got hungry before the luncheon so we had to make a crazy bread run.

We listened to lots of speeches

And had a grand ole time. What a beautiful wedding it was. Such a fun day! Oh and I caught myself a bouquet.

Here's to some late nights and spontaneity.

12 days.